Why Drug And Alcohol Abuse Is Not A Disease

Why drug and alcohol abuse is not a disease is a pressing debate in the medical community as their stance ...

Why Is Drug Abuse And Dependency Seen As A Social Issue

Current drug debates in some parts of the world manifest cultural lag, the resulting conflict of values reflecting the lack ...

Why Is Drug Abuse Highest In Those With Dysfunctional Homes?

Abuse of alcohol and other drugs is a reaction to changes in the family system. It appears to be quite ...

Why Is Teenage Drug Abuse A Problem?

Teenagers often feel uncertain or overconfident when they engage in risky behavior. Some may even believe they are invincible and ...

How Many Families Are Affected By Drug Abuse

No matter who has the problem in the family, addiction puts a burden on relationships. It doesn't matter if it's ...

Helping Your Loved One Through Alcohol Withdrawals

If drinking alcohol became a daily habit and eventually led to alcohol use disorder, a person’s body becomes dependent on ...

Casual Drinking vs. High-Functioning Alcoholic: How To Tell The Difference

Some people often appear productive and healthy on the outside, even when they are struggling with alcohol use disorder. Experts ...

Risks of Alcohol Poisoning

Alcohol poisoning occurs when there is an excess concentration of alcohol in your blood and if it causes a change ...

Alcoholism: Treatment and Rehab

If you struggle with alcohol use disorder (AUD) or alcohol addiction, know that you are not alone. Although you may ...

Alcoholism: Long-Term Recovery and Transitioning

Alcoholism is one of the most prevalent forms of addiction. However, recovering from alcoholism can be complicated as a lot ...
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