Our Team


Gary McKenzie

With his experience in the field, Gary McKenzie knows the right approach to use for every person dealing with a particular addiction. Since he made it his mission to help them through the whole recovery process, he is very committed to ensuring that people with alcohol and drug addiction get the correct information and treatment they require. Gary also does public speaking, where he discusses every kind of addiction, what causes them, and its effects.

Bryan Smith

Chief Medical Officer
Bryan is a board-certified physician who has expanded his profession to include oversight of clinical operations in the medical setting. It is his responsibility to guarantee that patients receive the best possible care by selecting, assessing, and training new physicians. Bryan works to ensure that medical interventions are cost-effective and successful in practically all healthcare settings he has worked in.

Paul Brigham

Business Development and Branding
While the duties of Paul vary, many day-to-day obligations are the same. He is responsible for setting objectives for the business development team and devising strategies to achieve them. Paul has been with Radical Rehab for two years now, so he already has a good grasp of the perfect marketing initiatives that will help the publication reach a broader audience.

Peggy Higdon

Chief Development Officer
Peggy increases public knowledge of the organization and its primary objectives through outreach activities, community projects, publications, and media relations. She has helped Radical Rehab reach a lot of people. With her expertise, the publication was able to change the lives of those in need by receiving the correct information, valuable resources, and proper treatment.

Tanesha Baker

Marketing Officer
Tanesha does research and analyses data in order to determine and define target audiences. Aside from devising marketing campaigns, she also plans, organizes, and controls publicity materials' publication and delivery. Before a piece of content gets published, she will perform a quality check first and ensure that it has relevant and factual information.
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